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Category : Life Sciences
Type : Research Article
Title : Ethnomedicinal uses of some grasses (Poaceae) of Hathras Region, Uttar Pradesh, India
Submitted By : Dr. O. P. Singh
Corresponding Author : Dr. O.P. Singh
Members :
Member 1 : Dr. O.P. Singh
Member 2 : Dr. A.K. Singh
The grass family – Gramineae or Poaceae is life line of villagers and farmers depends mainly on plant cultivation. Poaceae grasses provides the staple food of mankind and also the shelter, shade, fibre, molasses, drinks (sugarcane juice), including bamboos which are useful for several daily activities. Grasses are remarkably important medicinal source also. Present manuscript mainly deals with 77 species of grass family obtained in and around Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh (India) especially on urban and rural areas. The information based on rural areas gathering oral, folklores and search of literature on medicinal plants it has ethnomedicinal importance in India even today.
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