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Category : Life Sciences
Type : Research Article
Title : Ethnobotanical Study of Plants Used By Ethnic People of Karbari Grant Village Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Submitted By : Tawseef Ahmad Mir
Corresponding Author : Tawseef Ahmad Mir
Members :
Member 1 : Muatasim Jan
Member 2 : Tawseef Ahmad Mir
Member 3 : Sandeep Dhyani
In the recent years, more attention is being given to sustainable use and integrated management of the economically important species due to an increasing recognition of their contribution to fulfil basic needs of the people, household economies, food security and disease cure. Medicinal plants play a vital role in the primary health care of the people. This paper gives the information about the ethnobotanical research conducted in Karbari Grant village of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The survey was undertaken through frequent field visits, interviews and discussions with native tribal communities to collect information of the local plants. During the course of study, 50 ethnobotanically important plant species belonging to 33 different families were recorded. The aim of the study was to gather the valuable information from the tribal people regarding the plants.
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