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Category : Chemical Sciences
Type : Research Article
Title : Nature of seed polysaccharide isolated from Cassia glauca Lam. plant
Submitted By : Ram Babu Singh
Corresponding Author : R. B. Singh
Members :
Member 1 : R. B. Singh
Seeds of Cassia glauca Lam. contains a water soluble polysaccharide as D-galactose and D-mannose in the molar ratio of 1:4 on hydrolysed compound by TLC, Column and Paper Chromatographic analysis. The rotation of parent polysaccharide is a low positive and linkage must be of β-type and α-type. Linkages has also been confirmed from IR-Spectra (KBr) which showed that the α- type linkages with D-galactopyranose and β-type linkages with D-mannopyranose units.
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