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Category : Life Sciences
Type : Research Article
Title : Survey of major existing flora of Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh, India
Submitted By : Dr. O. P. Singh
Corresponding Author : Dr. O.P. Singh
Members :
Member 1 : Dr. O.P. Singh
Member 2 : Dr. A.K. Singh
The flora of Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh (India) especially on urban and rural areas has been recorded. The information based on rural areas gathering oral, folklores and search of literature on medicinal plants it has ethnomedicinal importance in India even today. There are 460 major species in the region belonging to 325 genera and 99 families. Among 460 species 77 belongs to poaceae makes it a dominating family. Fabaceae with the 52 species is second and Asteraceae with 34 species occupies second and third position, respectively.
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