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Category : Medical Sciences
Type : Review Article
Title : Concept of Body Fat in Greco Arabian (Unani) medicine and its application in lifestyle disorders
Submitted By : Dr A KASHIF ANWAR
Corresponding Author : A K Anwar
Members :
Member 1 : A K Anwar
Member 2 : Zeba Haneef
The essential constituents and the working principle of the body according to Greco Arabian medicine can be classified into seven main groups namely elements (comprising earth, water, air and fire) as different states of matter and the building blocks of everything in the universe; temperament; humors; organs; life; energy; and action. Among these the major pillar of Greco Arabian (Unani) system of medicine is the concept of temperament. This concept was originally introduced by Hippocrates. It is because of this temperament that functions of different organs in the same individual and even of the same organ in different individuals, vary in many aspects. Quantity of body fat and muscles denotes heat and coldness. Well muscular development denotes moist and warm temperament. Scanty muscular development with very little fat shows that the temperament is dry. Oiliness and fat always denotes cold temperament. Decrease in the amount of oil and fat in the subcutaneous tissue always indicate a hot temperament. If the body is fleshy, and the amount of fat and oil not much, the temperament is hot and moist. Muscle indicates heat while fat will indicate cold. Basic concept of fat and its accumulation is discussed to understand non communicable, lifestyle and metabolic disorders more precisely.
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