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Category : Mathematical Sciences
Type : Research Article
Submitted By : Rajvir Singh Shakya
Corresponding Author : Rajvir Singh
Members :
Member 1 : Manju Sharma
Member 2 : Rajvir Singh
In this research paper deals with a multilevel switch-over (m,M) policy for a machine repair model with R heterogeneous repairmen and having provision of warm standby units. The repairmen turn on at arrival epochs and turn off at service completion epochs. The first repairman leaves for vacation when the system becomes empty and returns only when the number of failed units reaches a threshold value N1. In a similar fashion, the ith repairman (i = 2, 3, ...., R) turns on when there are Ni (Ni > Ni-1) failed units in the system and goes for vacation if the number of failed units drop below Ni. The life and repair times as well as the set-up times are assumed to be exponentially distributed. Recursive method is employed to obtain the closed form solution for queue size distribution in steady state. Expressions for various performance measures are established using steady state probabilities. Some special cases are deduced by setting appropriate values to the parameters. A cost function is also derived.
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