About Us : Vision - Mission - Objectives

To promote ecological balance and create harmony between humans and their environment.
One of the main agenda of society is to develop job opportunities for students studying Biology. We develop entrepreneurial skills in candidates and also help them to establish and run their own enterprises.
The society is also working to solve the problem of pollution by making awareness among people of India. We also organise seminar, conference, workshop, rallies etc. to join hands against pollution and illiteracy.
The society publish literature in the form of books, pamphlets, banners, posters, journals, magazines, etc. to help science community and common people of India.
The rest of the world may also get benefited by using these services of SERBD.

To fabricate the limit of the most powerless groups in the country to guarantee manageable utilization of natural assets, provide eco-accommodating methods for living, decrease the unfriendly impacts of environmental change and enhance their financial condition while keeping up the biological adjust.


  • Advocate to preserve existing natural treasures.
  • Conduct research to maintain the ecological balance.
  • Reduce the adversities arising from climate change.
  • Provide sources for clean energy.
  • Implement disaster risk-reduction strategies among the most vulnerable communities.
  • Establish human rights through good governance.
  • Create livelihoods opportunities for the most vulnerable populations.
  • Improve integrated water resource management and eco-habitat.
  • Ensure proper water, sanitation and hygiene within communities.
  • Enhance women’s empowerment by emphasizing equitable development.