Join Editorial Board / संपादक मंडल में शामिल हों(SERBD- Journals)


Join the editorial and reviewer board to enrich your resume and academic recognition.

With your involvement as a member of the editorial board, we would expect your role to include:-
1. We believe you will encourage your colleagues and students to submit research papers in SERBD-journals
2. You can Review or Check review process for maximum 2-3 Research Paper annually.
3. It is Quarterly Journal and we will seek at least one Editorial Paper annually.
4. Editorial board members will obtain 50% discount on annual membership fees. Editorial review paper will be published by SERBD-journals free of charges.
5. You will be eligible for SERBD Agra, Awards, based on Research Contribution.
6. There will be no financial liabilities on you or on SERBD IJMS for doing this exercise.
7. Being a "Editor" for a special issue of SERBD-journal or Book
8. Encouraging usage & subscription of the magazine at your institution
9. Reviewer may get an honorarium (depends on article processing charges given by author).
10. Your communications on your ideas for magazine content, special issue, new ideas etc for mutual benefit of SERBD and yourself will be listen carefully.


Short CV for Editor or Reviewer Board membership

Fill this short CV form and send alongwith your detailed CV via email to or

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